Prince of Peace Cluster



   The St. Paul Women's Society is hosting the annual Archdiocesen Women's Conference Beauty in Christ. l

   Please join us from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Saturday, Jan. 29 at St.Paul. We will have brunch and watch the conference in the Parish Center. We hope to make this an outstanding morning for you, filled with inspirational talks by national speakers Emily Jaminet and Liz Kelly. Please plan to come and connect with other members from our cluster, as we reflect on the Visitation between Mary, our Blessed Mother and Elizabeth. Call the Cluster Office at 319-478-2222 to sign up or find the sign up sheet in the back of church at St.Paul.

   Visit: to learn more.


Mass Times in the cluster are on a four month rotation.  Mass times will shift January 1st. The following Mass times will be in effect through April, 2022.

    5:00 pm, Saturday, St. Paul, Traer

    8:00 am, Sunday, Sacred Heart, La Porte City

   10:00 am, Sunday, St. Mary of Mt. Carmel, Eagle Center



Archbishop Jackels Mass schedule is available HERE at the Archdiocese of Dubuque website.








Our cluster purpose is to welcome and inspire the community to share and nurture our Catholic faith through prayer, sacraments, service, and love of God.  Our core values are community (understanding, caring and addressing the needs of individuals, couples and families), encouragement (giving hope, inspirations and support to others), excellence (maintaining the highest ministry standards that bring glory to God in Faith Formation, sacred liturgy and community service), and prayer (communicating with God in words, in song and in the silence of one's heart).

Sacred Heart Parish

La Porte City, IA  50651

St. Mary Parish

Waterloo, IA  50701 (Eagle Center)

St. Paul Parish

Traer, IA  50675




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