Faith Formation

Catechist Training Videos: Click here for Safe Environment Training.

Coordinator of Religious Education: 

Paige Wilkins

(319) 486- 1483

[email protected]

High School Faith Formation — The High School Faith formation program will meet once or twice per month. Please see the calendar for the dates we will meet. They have been bolded on the calendar. High school faith formation is open to all 9-12th graders and takes place at St. Paul. We will be exploring many topics that are applicable to teenager's lives including ways to pray, lives of the saints, Catholic beliefs that are counter-cultural, God's design for our bodies, marriage, and intimacy, and much more. Please encourage our high school students to attend this dynamic program that will help inspire them to live as God calls them to live: bold and fully alive! 

Kids Safe Environment Training Info (for parental review, if desired): 

For grades K-2, click here to read lesson plan: K-2 lesson plan

For grades 3-5, click here to read lesson plan: 3-5 lesson plan

For grades 6-8, click here to read lesson plan: 6-8 lesson plan

For grades 9-12, click here to read lesson plan: 9-12 lesson plan

If you would like further clarification, please call Paige (number listed above).

2021-2022 Faith Formation Calendar

Click here to view 2021-2022- FF Calendar. (PLEASE NOTE: Not yet officially approved by the Faith Formation Commission, subject to change.)

Click here to view 2021-2022 Brochure. 

Registration Form & Liability Waiver

Click here to view the 2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration Form.

Click here to view 2021-2022 FF Liability Waiver Form (must be competed for each child).

2021-2022 Faith Formation Fee Schedule:

     $65 per registered family with 1 child

     $95 per registered family with more than 1 child

     $110 per out-of-cluster child/family

Faith Formation Information

Notice of Class Cancellation (approved by Faith Formation Commission; effective September 1, 2014)

Attendance PolicyAttendance is required at all Faith Formation classes. If you know your child will be absent, please call your site supervisor.

WeatherIf schools are cancelled or let out early due to weather, FF classes will be cancelled as well. Should bad weather occur during the intermediate time, please look on the TV or web for KWWL TV, or check our cluster website blog (, or Facebook. Use your parental discretion as well in determining whether you want to drive or have your child drive in questionable weather.

Sports and other Extracurricular ActivitiesBecause our Prince of Peace Cluster involves multiple school districts, there will be no cancellation of FF classes because of sports and other extracurricular activities. Per the attendance policy above, call your site supervisor if you know your child will be absent.


Disciplinary Procedure Policy:  A disturbance needing a student disciplinary procedure includes, and not limited to, those actions of disruptive behavior, disrespect, disobedience, misuse of property, and anything else that causes total disruption of class.

First Disturbance: Meeting with catechist, student, site supervisor, and parents.

Second Disturbance: Meeting with catechist, student, site supervisor, parents, and CRE. At this time, parents are required to attend the classes each week.

Third Disturbance: Meeting with catechist, student, site supervisor, parents, CRE, and pastor.

If a resolution cannot be found after meeting with the pastor, the student is expelled for the remainder of the Faith Formation school year. If the student requests re-admittance to the program, the student and parents need to meet with the Faith Formation Commission.  The Faith Formation Commission supports this policy.